WALHI Newsletter 2023 (Fifth Edition)


The year 2023 is critical momentum before the upcoming 2024 elections. Walhi begins 2023 by launching our environmental outlook “Climate Crises at Stake; Walhi Calls for Leadership with Environmental Care”. 

Walhi believes that environmental destruction has always begun with the compromises among politicians. The extraction of natural resources, which began with logging concessions, monoculture plantations, mining, and now sea concessions, inexorably linked to political and government compromises. A number of government regulations that put aside environmental and social aspect has led to the crises that Indonesians face today. Since the passing of Job Creation Law in 2020, not only the government but also the state that has become the instrument of business. 

It is critical for the public not to make the wrong choice and to ensure they elect candidates who care about the environment. Walhi invites environmental and social movements in Indonesia to formulate resolution that can become a joint agenda. First, improving the legislative system in favour of ecological restoration and upholding human rights and democracy. The Climate Change Bill must become a top priority for the government in order to protect people from climate catastrophes. 

Second, law enforcement in the environmental and natural resources sector must be enforced. Environmental crimes and unlawful acts committed by corporations that have caused crises and conflicts in community are manifestations of the weakness of the law enforcement process. 

Lastly, an alternative economy is required. Walhi has been promoting Ekonomi Nusantara a way to restore the environment, restore people's rights, and reduce inequality in access to natural resources. The current development model of Indonesia, which is still dependent on extractive industries, will not only exacerbate the existing crisis but will also provide all of the necessary means for natural resources exploitation. Walhi believes Ekonomi Nusantara is the way out that will fundamentally address the crises. 

This edition of newsletter brings you the updates of the advocacy and campaign that Walhi does in the last three months. Enjoy the read. 

Zenzi Suhadi 
Executive Director of Walhi National Executive 

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Walhi Newsletter Fifth Edition January – March 2023