Judge's verdict on the lawsuit against the re-issuance of environmental permits of 1 x 1000 MW Cirebon Coal Power Plant project is a bad precedent for environmental cases and the climate

Press Release Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (WALHI) I Friends of the Earth Indonesia Jakarta, 03.05.2018. The Panel of Judges decided to reject the lawsuit filed by the National Executive of WALHI and Kanci Kulon Residents on Second Environmental Permit re-issued by the Head of Investment and One Stop Service (DPMPTSP) of West Java Province related to the 1 x 10 00 MW Power Plant Construction in Cirebon.The judge stated that the Bandung State Administrative Court is not authorized to hear, decide and examine the case .The Advocacy Team on the Right to Climate Justice declared an appeal against the decision of the panel of judges. The construction of the Cirebon 2 coal power plant is part of a very ambitious national energy project of 35 GW and contradictory with government emissions reduction target as set forth in the NDC. Nearly 60% of new power projects still rely on coal as primary energy, it will exacerbate carbon emissions from the energy sector for at least the next twenty years. The Climate Justice Advocacy Team believes that this ruling is a bad precedent for cases where environmental permits are canceled as opposed to spatial planning because the project is part of national strategic project. The spatial plan should not be understood as merely administrative requirements, but should be understood as part of the protection of people's living spaces. Government Regulation No. 13 of 2017 on the amendment to government regulation 26/2008 on the national spatial plan is used as a pretext to accelerate the implementation of coal dirty energy projects.This Government Regulation regulates the recommendations given to the development of national strategic projects that conflict with regional spatial planning. For reason of the acceleration of national strategic project, PP No. 13 of 2017 is considered to be a solution to the adjustment of district / city and province spatial plan which will take a long time. Government Regulation No. 13 of 2017 is a systematic effort of the state that has the potential to damage the regulation of spatial arrangement which can lead to the destruction of living space in Cirebon Regency in particular and in national level general.Particularly in article 114a is made on the basis of the interests of development solely regardless of social considerations, environment and alignment of living space in community level. The extent of development is justified in various ways, including the issuance of regulations and permits that violate good governance.This is dangerous for the protection of the law, since the environmental permit which is actually a tool to protect the environment is only seen as an administrative requirement. The appeal against the judge's decision is part of the defense of the right to a good environmentfor all including for farmers, fishermen and other affected citizens and ensures the government no longer encourages dirty coal power plant projects that cause climate change. end Contact Person:

  • Dadan Ramdan, Executive Director of WALHI West Java (0812-2264-9424)
  • Lasma Natalia, Climate Justice Advocacy Team (0852-6333-8585)
  • Dwi Sawung, Urban and Energy Campaigner of National Executive WALHI (08156104606)