Free Two Mekarsari(Indonesia) Farmer

The case of the accusation against two farmers of the Pulokuntul block in Mekarsari village continues, coinciding with the national peasant day, two victims who were accused of mistakenly placing flags received a summons from Indramayu Distric Police Investigators, both victims were asked to attend Monday on September 24, 2018.Though this alleged case has been very long because it happened in 2017. Looking at the chronology that occurred in this case was just a trick, the complainant who was not clear and the evidence made it strange for many people. Two farmers become victims of criminalization from unscrupulous individuals, this momentum of the peasant day should be a precious moment for them instead they get faced with legal processes that threaten them far from their families and from their daily lives as farmers. It's a pity the legal process in Indonesia. According to Pak Sawin,” remember exactly the time when I put up the flag and I was also not color-blind and not very stupid that the flag I installed was not reversed, if I put it wrong maybe at that time the people who were with me reprimanded me, the same thing when sticking a flag in my location, first confirm the flag that I installed. It is clear that I am the victim of criminalization from individuals who hate me, especially as I am one of the residents who did not expect a plan to build a second Coal Power Plant in my village. Wherever I am ready to face this accusation, I have never felt wrong in placing a flag”. According to Pak Sukma's confession, “I with Pak Sawin really put the red and white flag in my village area, but I remember there were other witnesses that the flag was never reversed. We also previously had a photo in which Pak Sawin holds the red and white flag correctly. Only one day after the flag was flagged the next day was gone and the flag reportedly turned upside down, I was surprised and strange that the flag could move on its own and change the color to be reversed. I really feel slandered by this arrest.” Wahyudin Iwank, an advocacy staff member WALHI in West Java said that this case was a very rare case, even though the process was completed by reprimanding, warning and noting that it was repeated, if two of the victims said they never felt or acknowledged that the flag was installed reversed in color, the two residents also stated that until now they never made a wrong flag, never had a goal that was against the existing legal norms, never had the purpose of harassing the State emblem, never opposed the State. So it is clear that this accusation is only fictitious because we think that the victim does not fulfill the intentional element, insulting him so that he has a purpose to oppose the State. The legal processes happen after people of mekarsari Indramayu win their lawsuit in Bandung Administrative Court. They are fight aginst 2x1000MW Coal Power Plant that will be funded by JICA. Environment permit was revoked by Bandung Administrative Court, now the govt appeal the decition. There are another criminal case against the farmer who opposed to Indramayu 2 Coal Power Plant. The Criminal article that usse for Sawn and Sukma had been very long time not used. We hereby declare to the indramayu police station and also the prosecutor's office:

  1. Stop arresting two Mekarsari farmers
  2. Stop the acrobatic legal process which is against the two Mekarsari farmers
  3. Release immediately from the status of the suspect to two Mekarsari farmers

  CP: Dwi Sawung, Energi and Urban Campaigner WALHI national office, 62 8156104606, Wahyudin iwank staff advocacy walhi west java 6281218694471