East Nusa Tenggara Tourism Industry Silenced the Community with Bullet

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WALHI – Friends of the Earth Indonesia


Prapat, 26 April 2018 –RKP 2018 decided to make the tourism sector as the priority in national development, in particular business development. Tourism sector is predicted to contribute GDP of 5.5% with foreign exchange target up to 223 trillion. Investment in tourism once again shows its true intention: on April 25, 2018, a horrible tragedy took place in Marosi Coast, Patiala Bawah Village, Lamboya Subdistrict, West Sumba District, NTT.

In the bloody tragedy, for no apparent reason, Police Officers from West Sumba Police landed a bullet in the bodies of two residents in the name of tourism investment interests. As a result of the shooting, a resident named Poroduka, a man, 40 years old, died after being shot in the chest and Matiduka, male, was wounded after being shot in both legs. In addition, more than 10 people were subjected to violence by the West Sumba Police apparatus, one of them was a junior high school boy. The shooting was initiated during the land measuring of around 200 ha over 7 coastal areas of Marosi, Patiala Bawah Village, Lamboya Subdistrict, West Sumba District, NTT. The National Land Agency (BPN) together with PT. Marosi Sutra accompanied by 50 police officers armed with anti-riot clothing and equipped with anti-riot cars was executing the land measuring. The community rejected the existence of PT. Marosi Sutra due to the unclear legality of the company which led to the protest and refusal of such land measuring activity. The community observed the activity while protesting peacefully; however, when it reached the field 5, some of the residents took photos and recorded the activity. The police officers were upset for such actions leading them to the seizure phones and beat the residents. Witnessing the violence committed by the police, crowds came to the scene, and the police immediately fired the shot.

The shootings took place at about 1 a.m causing one person dead, one wounded in both legs and other wounded victims. In regards to the tragedy, WALHI National Executive and WALHI NTT strongly condemn the violence and shootings perpetrated by the West Sumba police. Nur Hidayati, WALHI's National Executive Director, said that WALHI has criticized the Government's policy of encouraging tourism programs to rely on investment; eventually, investment will potentially lead to new conflicts due to greediness and ignorance about environmental and humanitarian aspects which has been proven by the accident of Marosi Coast. Furthermore, Umbu Wulang, Director of WALHI NTT, affirmed that the government shall respond to the Marosi Coast tragedy by taking firm actions in relation to both legal liabilities incurred from shootings resulted in casualties and serious injuries and other violent acts. In addition, the Government shall immediately create a conflict resolution with the scheme of restoring the people's right to their living space in the Marosi Coast. In regards with this tragedy, which happened at the same time with the WALHI National Environmental Consultation held in Parapat, North Sumatra, WALHI Regional Executive from 27 other Provinces also called for solidarity and condolences to the families of the victims, both died and wounded. In addition, WALHI also expressly calls for and demands:

  • The dismissal of NTT Regional Police Chief and West Sumba Police Chief who were in charge of deploying 50 fully-armed police officers on the tragedy;
  • The dismissal of the Head of BPN NTT Regional Office and Head of Land Affairs Office of West Sumba Regency;
  • An immediate arrest and trial process of the perpetrators of the shooting and beatings against the residents of Marosi Coast, Patiala Bawah Village, Lamboya Sub-district, West Sumba District, NTT;
  • Investigation on the involvement of PT. Marosi Sutra in the deployment of 50 fully-armed Police officers on the tragedy;
  • An immediate restoration of rights of Marosi Coast community, Patiala Bawah Village, Lamboya Sub-district, West Sumba District, NTT;
  • Revocation of licensing in any forms for PT. Marosi Sutra;
  • Termination of acts of intimidation and violence against the community of Patiala Bawah Village, Lamboya Sub-district, West Sumba District, NTT.

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