Joint concept note indonesia norway redd+ partnership 2010

BACKGROUND This Joint Concept Note (JCN) is a further substantiation of the Indonesia-Norway Partnership to contribute to significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, forest degradation, and peat land conversion. – The JCN is developed based on the principles and requirements as outlined in the Indonesia – Norway Letter of Intent (LoI) of 26 May 2010. – The Indonesia-Norway Partnership will evolve over time, as lessons are learned and insights generated. Therefore, the JCN, too, will be specific in the near term, while the medium and longer term (the „transformation phase‟ and the „contributions for national level verified emission reductions‟ phase as regards this version of the JCN) will be dealt with more generically. The JCN will be updated annually to ensure that the outputs expected in any given year are clearly specified by 31 March of that year.