In Various Regions, WALHI Mobilized Against Dirty Energy

Simultaneous Actions Responding to the Coal Industry Conference "Coaltrans Asia" Jakarta 09.05.2018 -The Indonesian government always and coal industry always claiming that coal generating huge state revenues and maintains this dirty energy, although many countries have left coal as a source of energy. In fact, in various regions, coal mining industries have a negative impact on health, eliminating agricultural land and food sources, polluting rivers and water, robbing people's land and livelyhood. Coal mines have altered the forest landscape and destroyed forest biodiversity and all social and cultural functions.In fact, the coal industry also robs Indonesia's future generations, children who die in coal pits, showing how the country's hand is used to grab the right to live and grow the children of Indonesia, the next generation of the nation. The option to continue coal-fueled energy is contrary to the Indonesian government's commitment to reduce emissions, as set out in Indonesia NDC policy as part of Indonesia's commitment to address climate change.Coal burns the climate !! The option of continuing coal as a source of energy can not be separated from transactional politics in any political momentum, the sale of coal mining licenses becomes a necessity due to the high political costs. The coal industry held a coal industry conference entitled Coaltrans Asia 24th on May 6-8, 2018 in Bali, presenting coal industry actors, both sellers and buyers of coal from various countries.

Simultaneously (May 9, 2018), the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI), together with other civil society organizations, took action against the coal industry and coal power plant in various regions, including Jakarta, Jambi, Central Java, Bengkulu, West Sumatra, Sumatra South, North Sumatra, South Kalimantan and Central Java.Simultaneous action carried out in various parts of Indonesia to show that everywhere the people are against dirty and greedy coal industries, full of violations of human rights and especially violations of the right to the environment.Earlier, the East Kalimantan civil society coalition was also holding an action to reminder of "coal are riding the local elections".Currently, WALHI is also suing the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources at Jakarta administrative court, for issuing production permit of coal company, PT. Mantimin Coal Mining (PT. MCM) in South Kalimantan. In Jakarta, WALHI together with Greenpeace Indonesia and the Mining Advocacy Network (JATAM) issued a joint statement, as follows: First, denouncing the Coaltrans Asia meeting in Bali as a meeting of climate criminals to continue to use the dirty energy of coal. Taking economic profit above the climate, environmental, social destruction and contrary to global targets in the Paris Agreement and Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) of each party including the Indonesian government.Second, urging the Indonesian government to end the economic development model that relies on debt and export of commodities, especially coal.

Immediately carry out a coal moratorium and stop the use of coal for national electricity needs.Third, urging the government to create a road map of just energy transition towards renewable energy by ensuring the role of the people as producers and consumers of renewable energy. Statement of civil society organizations to the coal industry conference "Coaltrans Asia" can be downloaded at Action Rejecting Coal in Jambi, can be downloaded at The Reject of Coal and Coal Power Plant in Bengkulu can be downloaded at Action Reject Coal in South Sumatra can be downloaded at   #NOToCoal #StopDirtyEnergy # CoalBurningClimate #CoalMoratoriumNow #CleanLocalElectionsWithout Coal #FoodNotCoal #StopDirtyInvestment #SaveTheLastForest #ClimateJustice #RestoreIndonesia